Student iPads

All students in grades K-12 are issued a district iPad for use in school and at home.

If you kept your NHSD-issued iPad over the summer, please turn it on and charge it to ensure it is working properly. All students must have a fully functional, charged iPad on the first day of school.

iPads will be returned to students who returned their devices this summer on the first day of school. Incoming kindergarten and new students will receive their iPad at orientation prior to the first day of school.

iPad Insurance

NHSD iPads are leased and not owned by the district. Students and families are liable for ALL damage and repair costs, including accidental damages. Insurance is strongly recommended. The cost for insurance is $35 per year per device.

Details and a link to purchase iPad insurance will be available here prior to the first day of school.

Student Accounts

All students in grades K-12 receive the following:

  • NHSD Network account to log onto the district's computer and various applications and programs
  • NHSD Google account, which includes access to the following:
    • Gmail
    • Google Workspace for Education products and tools including Google Classroom
    • Google Drive for sharing and storage
    • Google Docs, Sheets and Slides for collaboration

Network Account

In most cases, a student's network login is student last name + first name initial + last two digits of graduation year. The password is nhsd followed by the student's cafeteria account PIN.

A student's network username and password can be found in PowerSchool when logged in through a web browser (not the PowerSchool app) under the "Grades and Attendance" tab as shown in the screenshot below. Trouble logging in to PowerSchool? Click here.

Google Account

A student's Google account is their network login followed by The password is their network password, nhsd followed by the student's cafeteria account PIN.

Low-Cost Internet Options
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