Brand Guidelines

Brand Guidelines

The North Hills School District is visually represented in a series of logos and wordmarks that establish its brand identity. This guide should serve as a resource for North Hills School District employees, organizations affiliated with the district, external entities and vendors to ensure a consistent use within approved color schemes. Use of the district's logos and wordmarks is encouraged when the guidelines are followed.

Logos and wordmarks are trademarks of the North Hills School District and deviations from these guidelines without approval of the superintendent and/or director of communications is prohibited.

Logos and wordmarks can be used in any combination with each other but they should not be redrawn, reconstructed or modified in any way. Additional wording or images behind, in, on and/or around logos and wordmarks must be approved by the superintendent and/or director of communications.

File types and variations of each logo and wordmark are accessible by clicking on the logo or wordmark below.


Primary Logo

The primary logo of the North Hills School District is the red and white NH logo shown.

The NH logo was designed by Susan Clause of Mudlark Graphics in 1988 at the request of then Superintendent Dr. James Higgins. The outside of the NH is the traditional, serif typeface Times while the inside is the more modern, sans serif typeface Helvetica, symbolizing the combination of traditional and contemporary concepts. The NH shares a common stroke on their leg symbolizing unity.

Susan Clause was a former employee of the North Hills School District’s Reprographics Services Department, which was established in the early 1980s to fill the printing and copying needs of district staff. It was later renamed the Copy Center, which closed in 2019.

Alternate Logo

The North Hills School District Varsity logo as shown is a representation of the varsity letter awarded to student-athletes. The origin of this design dates back to the first letter winners of North Hills High School and is a variation of the West View High School athletic letter.


The block wordmarks below were designed by A.W. Beattie Career Center Advertising Design students Mia Burnett (Avonworth High School Class of 2023), Nick Schultz (North Hills High School Class of 2023) and Primrose Sobeck (Northgate High School Class of 2023). The designs won first place in the Career Pathways Showcase at the 2023 Pennsylvania SkillsUSA Conference.

The script wordmarks were designed by North Hills High School teacher and choral director Shaun Cloonan.

District Crest
NHSD Crest

The North Hills School District crest shown was adopted by the school board as the official district seal on April 16, 2007. This seal is for NHSD use only and requires superintendent approval. It may not be used by any entity outside of the North Hills School District.

Colors and Meaning

  • Red - Energy, Determination, Passion
  • White - Safety, Purity, Cleanliness, Innocence, Goodness
  • Silver - Security, Balance, Grace, Justice, Service, Reliability, Composure

Adornments and Meaning

  • Laurel Wreath - Achievement
  • Ribbon - Unity, School Pride, Identity (With Motto: Pride, Tradition, Excellence)

Symbols and Meaning

  • Column - Achievement through education
  • Torch and Hands - Passing of knowledge from teacher to students
  • Eternal Flame - Perpetuation of Ideals and Traditions
  • Winged Foot - Athletics, Sportsmanship, Fair Play
  • Clef and Notes - Music and Performing Arts
  • Drama Masks - Theater and Performing Arts
  • Key of Knowledge - Unlock the doorway to knowledge

Primary Colors

Scarlet Red/University Red

PMS - 200c
Hex - BB0000
CMYK - 0,73,73,27
RGB - 187,0,0
Thread - Red


PMS - 000c
Hex - ffffff
CMYK - 0,0,0,0
RGB - 255,255,255
Thread - White

Accent Color


PMS - Process Black c
Hex - 000000
CMYK - 75,68,67,90
RGB - 0,0,0
Thread - Black

Color Combinations

Any combination of red, white and/or black is a district-approved color scheme. Color schemes beyond any combination of red, white and/or black require approval of the superintendent and/or director of communications. Red, white and/or black examples are shown below.

Logo Use Approval Request Form

Please complete this form to request approval to use a district logo or wordmark. Approval is not needed if usage falls within the guidelines detailed on this page.

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