New Student Registration

New Student Registration

Welcome to North Hills School District!

The step-by-step enrollment process is detailed below. Registration is limited to residents of Ross Township and the West View Borough.

Per the school board's policy on class size (No. 202), elementary children who are not registered to attend school by June 1 prior to the upcoming school year may be assigned to a district school building outside of their attendance area.

Register Online

  1. Visit the PowerSchool registration portal and create an account or sign in if you have preciously used the registration portal. Please note: A registration portal account is different than a PowerSchool parent portal account.
  2. Complete and submit the new student registration form in the portal.

Schedule an Appointment

Once online registration above is submitted, call your student's school to schedule an in-person appointment to complete the registration. For elementary students, refer to our street directory or view our attendance area map to find the school your student will attend.

Grades K-5

Highcliff Elementary: 412-318-1582
McIntyre Elementary: 412-318-1622
Ross Elementary: 412-318-1542
West View Elementary: 412-318-1502

Grades 6-8

North Hills Middle School: 412-318-1450

Grades 9-12

North Hills High School: 412-318-1400

Bring the following to the registration appointment scheduled above:

  1. Completed and printed Home and Health packet
  2. Completed Request for Student Records form if the student is transferring from another school district. Do not send this form to the student's previous school.
  3. The student's birth certificate or baptismal record
  4. The student's immunization records (See what's required)
  5. Proof of residency documents:
    • One (1) of the following Section A documents: Current deed, lease, mortgage statement or proof of tax registration with Keystone Collection Group
    • Two (2) of the following Section B documents: Driver’s license, utility bill, automobile registration, tax statement, public assistance or medical assistance card
  6. Parent/guardian ID to be scanned into the school’s Raptor visitor management system
  7. Court-ordered custodial agreements (if applicable)
  8. Special education paperwork (if applicable) - An official request will be made to the previous school for documents as appropriate; however, having the current IEP, Section 504 Accommodation Plan or GIEP facilitates the transition


At your student's in-person registration appointment, you will receive information to log in to your district PowerSchool account. PowerSchool is the district's online student information system offering parents and guardians real-time access to grades, attendance, teacher comments and assignments, and other important information. This account is different than the PowerSchool registration portal. Learn more.

Registration Documents
Relevant School Board Policies
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