Virtual Instruction
Virtual instruction begins April 1. Remember to confirm attendance daily by filling out the form linked here.


North Hills High School

North Hills High School Building Exterior 53 Rochester Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15229
Phone: 412-318-1400
Fax: 412-318-1403

North Hills Middle School

North Hills Middle School Building Exterior
55 Rochester Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15229
Phone: 412-318-1450
Fax: 412-318-1453

Highcliff Elementary School

Highcliff Elementary School Building Exterior
156 Peony Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15229
Phone: 412-318-1582
Fax: 412-318-1584

McIntyre Elementary School

McIntyre Elementary School Building Exterior
200 McIntyre Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15237
Phone: 412-318-1622
Fax: 412-318-1624

Ross Elementary School

Ross Elementary School Building Exterior
90 Houston Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15237-3699
Phone: 412-318-1542
Fax: 412-318-1544

West View Elementary School

West View Elementary School
47 Chalfonte Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15229
Phone: 412-318-1502
Fax: 412-318-1504
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