2020-21 Reopening and Planning

2020-21 Reopening and Planning


The North Hills School District has released a preliminary health and safety plan for reopening schools in August.

The plan, first presented at the continuation of the school board's June 11 legislative meeting on June 30, follows the phased reopening guidance from the Pennsylvania Department of Education, which includes health and safety guidelines and mandates from the state Department of Health and CDC, and includes an operating model for each of the governor’s three COVID-19 phases (Red, Yellow and Green) with the ultimate goal of resuming in-person teaching and learning for the entire school year.

Additional considerations were made including:

  • Findings from Regional Educational Laboratory Mid-Atlantic/Mathematica Report to include:
    • The closure of school buildings can lead to substantial educational losses, can be a burden on parents/guardians, and potentially detrimental to students’ social, emotional and physical health. Virtual instruction is less likely to keep students engaged and learning.
    • Studies suggest children are less likely to be infected by COVID-19.
    • Schools should prepare for a reduction in overall student presence each day amid changing COVID-19 conditions and this is especially important for schools with class sizes and facilities that preclude six feet of separation among students and staff, and most certainly in counties that are transitioning from green to yellow.
  • Results from the parent/guardian survey sent to families in early June

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