End-of-the-Year Frequently Asked Questions

End-of-the-Year Frequently Asked Questions

End-of-the-Year Frequently Asked Questions

If I have money in my student’s account, will it carry over to next year?

Yes, it will carry over and you can also transfer balances between children.



Will my child’s pin number ever expire?

No, the assigned numbers will stay with your child throughout their time at North Hills.



My child lost his/her pin number. How do I get it?

Please call the Food Services Department at 412-318-1053.



Can I put money into my child’s account before school starts?

Yes, you may still place money into the accounts at www.myschoolbucks.com or you may come to the district food service office to pay in person for any school in the district. (All accounts are closed during the month of July for updating.)



My child is a senior and will still have money in the account when he/she graduates. What should I do?

You may transfer it to another of your children’s accounts, or you may contact the Food Services Department and we will issue a check for the remaining balance.



Please remember that all students must use a pin number. In addition, monies in student accounts make for a smoother transition in the lunch lines at all grade levels, both for lunch and “extras.” Please utilize the prepayment system, your student, the classroom teachers and the school lunch personnel will appreciate it!

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