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Attendance & Dress

Attendance & Dress


There is a clear connection between attendance and academic success. When a student is absent from school, he or she must provide a written excuse from a parent or guardian. The excuse must contain the date(s) of absence and the reason for the absence. Pennsylvania School Code allows only the following reasons for valid excused absences: religious holidays, health care, illness, approved educational trips or other urgent reasons. Serving as agents of the state, principals are required to monitor and report attendance issues to the state.

Unexcused or Unlawful Absences may have a negative impact on a student's grade and therefore submitting proper documentation for all absences is critical. Students will not be granted immediate credit for assignments or exams on a date where the student has an unexcused or unlawful absence or tardiness from school. If the unexcused or unlawful absence from class is deemed an anomaly, the classroom teacher will have the discretion to enter full or partial credit for the assignment prior to end of the semester in which the absence was recorded.

To assist with documentation of student absences, a Student Absence form can be obtained online by clicking here.

Dress Code

Acquiring respect from others requires respect for yourself. A student’s manner of dress or hair style is the responsibility of the student and his/her parents or guardians. It if the responsibility of the school to stress decency, cleanliness, and appropriateness of dress for school; therefore, it remains the final decision of the administration in cases of questionable attire.

As you begin to purchase school clothing, please be sure to adhere to our dress and grooming policy. Students must wear appropriate clothing and footwear at all times. For health and safety reasons, flip-flops are discouraged from being used as footwear. Student clothing and appearance must not disrupt the educational climate, call undue attention to the individual, violate federal, state, local, health or obscenity laws or affect the health, safety and well-being of classmates.

Examples of inappropriate dress in a school setting include items such as halter tops, tube tops, bare midriffs, see-through clothing, clothing depicting or suggesting sexual activity, innuendo, alcohol, drugs, violence, offensive or provocative materials, and any attire deemed inappropriate by a member of the administrative team. Appropriate undergarments need to be worn and not visible. Extremely tight, exceedingly loose or revealing clothing will be considered unsuitable school dress. Additionally, students are not permitted to wear hats or any other type of headgear without permission from an administrator.

Students deemed to be in violation of this policy will have the opportunity to make adjustments to their attire. Students who do not comply with this opportunity will be removed from the educational setting.

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