What Is Ross Reads?

What Is Ross Reads?

What is Ross Reads?
Ross Reads is a reading motivation and management program that helps encourage and monitor independent reading. One of the many tools Ross Elementary School uses to promote reading and help students to become better readers is Reading Counts. Reading Counts is used as an incentive at Ross to encourage students to read a variety of books at their instructional level. When the student is finished reading their book, they will then take a computer-based quiz to assess their comprehension of that book. The Ross PTO provides prizes used in this incentive program.

At this time, our library has over 9,554 fiction and non-fiction titles with corresponding Reading Counts quizzes on our shelves. Reading Counts allows students to re-take quizzes up to 3 times (if the quiz isn't passed on the first try).

All Ross students in grades 2 - 5 are encouraged to participate in Ross Reads using Reading Counts. Students in kindergarten and first grade will track their reading by submitting each book they read independently or with an adult using the Ross Reads Submission Form at http://bit.ly/todayiread (the link is also below).

Please encourage your child to read at home and be aware of the goals set by classroom teachers, as well as school wide reading incentives (see colored bracelet rewards chart on main page). Students can be given opportunities to take Reading Counts quizzes at various points during the week in class. Students may also take Reading Counts quizzes on their iPads through the Classlink app. Please remember that this is a program for student success, and so they should take quizzes on their own, or with the help of a classroom teacher or paraprofessional. 

Students will be shown how to locate Reading Counts books during library classes. Once the student has read the book, he/she will take a Reading Counts quiz using a school computer or iPad. 

Our students’ success depends on families and teachers working together. Thank you in advance for your support!

Most Ross Elementary library books are labeled as Reading Counts books, but you can check to see if a books from home or the public library has a Reading Counts quiz by visiting the website below and typing in the book title to search. This book expert site will also provide the Reading Counts designated grade and reading level, to help you gauge if your child is reading a book that is a good fit for them.

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Log what you've read at home by filling in the survey linked below:
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