Counseling Office

Counseling Office

Highcliff Elementary Counseling Office

Mrs. Sherri Kempf, Guidance Counselor
[email protected]

What Is Elementary Counseling?

Elementary school counseling describes a comprehensive, developmental and systematic program of services based on national standards offered to children in the school environment. Services are provided by a state-certified, professionally trained school counselor. Program services focus on improving developmental and situational concerns related to learning. (Myrick, 1997; Gladding, 2000; ASCA, 2005)

Our Elementary School Counselor
  • Provides immediate, short-term individual and crisis counseling
  • Facilitates short-term, small group counseling
  • Teaches classroom lessons regarding academic, social and emotional development
  • Works collaboratively with teachers and staff
  • Consults with parents
  • Participates in curriculum development
  • Provides information and/or referrals for community resources to families
  • Implements bully-proofing curriculum
If you have any concerns about your child regarding any of the following, please contact your school counselor:
  • Family changes (moving, illness, death, divorce or separation)
  • Academic performance
  • Sudden changes in behavior at school or home
  • Peer relationships
  • Self concept
  • Transitioning (home-to-school, new student, middle school, etc.)
School-based services are based upon National Standards developed by the American School Counselor Association.
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