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North Hills High School offering firefighter training through Allegheny Fire Academy

North Hills High School, in partnership with the Allegheny County Fire Training Academy, now offers firefighter training as an elective.

The 0.5 credit course was introduced for the 2022-23 school year, and is open to students in grades 10-12 who are interested in serving their community as a volunteer firefighter.

Once or twice a month for a total of 12-14 sessions each school year, students travel to the Allegheny County Fire Academy’s North Park location where they learn knowledge and skills, including CPR and first aid, necessary to serve as an entry-level volunteer firefighter.

The course includes both classroom-based and hands-on instruction designed to replicate real-life situations to ensure the students are prepared to respond to true emergencies at the conclusion of the course.

While membership in a local fire company is recommended, it is not required.

Through the program, students are also eligible for industry certifications and potential scholarship opportunities including the FireVEST program through CCAC.

This year, seven North Hills students are participating in the course:

  • Daniel Fuchs (Grade 10)
  • Michael Fuchs (Grade 12)
  • Austin Haney (Grade 11)
  • Andrew Katrencik (Grade 11)
  • Stelios Labrakopoulos (Grade 11)
  • Nate Lock (Grade 11)
  • Alexandra Walker (Grade 12)

Students enrolled in this program maintain a typical schedule and are excused on the days of the program. Students may enroll in multiple years and will advance through the training curriculum each year.