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Students can keep NHSD iPads this summer: Here's what you need to do

All North Hills School District students can keep their iPads over the summer and should if they are participating in one of NHSD’s summer learning programs. Please follow the instructions below if you want to keep or return the device.

To keep the device

  1. Complete and submit this form for each student
    • You must be logged in to the student’s NHSD Google account to view and submit the form. Completing the form on the student’s device will ensure you are logged in to the correct account.
  2. Review the following information and responsibilities
    • Review the district’s Network Acceptable Use Policy (Board policy 834) and Student iPad Use and Loan Agreement. Both remain in effect during the summer months.
    • Do not leave the iPad turned off or in Airplane/Do Not Disturb mode for extended periods of time. Doing so will inhibit the device from receiving necessary updates.
    • The iPad support portal will remain open. Questions can be directed to the NHSD support team via the forms posted at
    • It is the responsibility of the student and parent/guardian (through One2One Risk Solutions or out-of-pocket) to repair or replace the iPad if it is lost, stolen or damaged.
      • Report damage by completing and submitting this damage report form.
      • All repairs must be made through NHSD. Do not attempt to fix the device yourself or take it to an Apple store or third party repair shop.
      • iPad insurance purchased during the 2020-21 school year covers the device through the summer.
        • Insurance can still be purchased through One2One Risk Solutions as detailed here. Discounts have been applied to the accounts of students who qualify for free or reduced lunch.
    • District issued iPads, accessories and apps are property of the North Hills School District and NHSD reserves the right to confiscate, monitor and track usage and data on any NHSD device.

To return the device

If you are a senior or do not want to keep your NHSD iPad over the summer, return the iPad and its case, charging cord and brick, to your student’s assigned school office on the last day of school. A receipt will be provided for your records.