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North Hills High School counseling changes for 2019-20
PITTBURGH -- The North Hills High School Counseling Department has announced several changes for the upcoming 2019-20 school year.

Mrs. Elizabeth Dove, previously the student assistance counselor, will now be the school counselor for the 9th and 10th grade students whose last names begin with letters between A and L.

The school counseling caseloads will change to:

Mrs. Elizabeth Dove
Grades: 9-10 | Last Names: A-L

Ms. Nicole Weber
Grades: 9-10 | Last Names: M-Z

Dr. David Barkovich
Grades: 11-12 | Last Names: A-L

Mrs. Deborah Davis
Grades: 11-12 | Last Names: M-Z

Mrs. April Wrabley will now be our Student Assistance Counselor and can be reached at
Questions over the summer can be directed to Counseling Secretary Mrs. Daria White at or 412-318-1434.