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Bus routes 703 PM, 705 PM, 702 AM delayed for foreseeable future

Posted Tuesday, August 29, 2023

NHSD is working to make adjustments to some bus routes that have been consistently delayed so far this school year.

As a general reminder, buses tend to run late through the few weeks of school. This includes both morning and afternoon routes and can change from day to day for various reasons.

>When buses are significantly late or alternate arrangements are made, an automated call and text message is sent from the school building. Parent/guardian contact information in PowerSchool is used to facilitate these messages. Please make sure you have completed your back-to-school forms in PowerSchool to ensure your contact information is accurate and up-to-date. If your forms have not been completed, we cannot ensure our messages will reach you.

Occasionally, we will also post on social media or send a mass email, but a call or text message is often used as it is the quickest and most efficient way to reach our families when buses are running late.

Ongoing Delays

There are two ABC Transit drivers out temporarily and a third route is uncovered. As a result, the following routes are impacted:

  • 703 PM - Servicing NHMS and Highcliff Elementary
  • 705 PM - Servicing NHMS
  • 702 AM - Servicing NHMS

Bus 703 PM

Through Friday, Sept. 15, students who ride bus 703 will be riding bus 366. As a result, students assigned to this bus route will be delayed.

Bus 705 PM

At this time, there is no afternoon coverage for bus 705. For the foreseeable future, middle school students who ride bus 705 will wait at the middle school until another bus has completed its route and can return to the middle school to pick up and take home bus 705 riders. Parents of students who ride bus No. 705 are welcome to pick up their child(ren) at the middle school or make alternate arrangements. Car rider pickup procedures can be found here

Bus 702 AM

For the foreseeable future, 702 AM will be covered by another driver so NHMS students will continue to be picked up late. We are working to find a permanent solution as soon as possible. NHMS students will not be marked late as a result of this delay.

Please note: The above three routes will continue to be impacted until further notice. You may no longer receive a daily automated call or text message. We will up this post when these routes have returned to their originally scheduled times.

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