North Hills School District News Article

North Hills not offering summer courses amid COVID-19 pandemic

Posted Friday, May 15, 2020

PITTSBURGH -- Due to COVID-19, the North Hills School District will not be offering summer school credit recovery or enrichment classes for students in grades 7-12, as it typically does.

In addition, teachers who typically provide mandatory summer assignments may choose to invite students to participate in optional summer work through Google Classroom. This work will not be submitted for a grade, but rather, serve as an opportunity to provide students with exposure to the content while practicing and refining skills.

We believe our students need an academic and socioemotional break as they have spent the last nine weeks dealing with numerous changes that occurred to the academic and social aspects of traditional schooling as a result of COVID-19. Furthermore, we do not want the cost of summer school to be an added stress for our families.

With this in mind, we also want to alleviate any concerns you have regarding how "ready" your child will be for next year. Please know that the district will be working diligently throughout the 2020-21 school year to:  

  • Review, identify, and discuss the essential curricular components that were taught during virtual instruction. This will allow our teachers to plan our instruction accordingly and particularly in content areas such as math where the grasp of foundational knowledge is critical to learning new skills
  • Utilize pre-assessment tools to identify and evaluate student strengths and areas of need for planning purposes
  • Re-teach and differentiate instruction accordingly to close academic gaps and also provide enrichment where needed

Please know that both the middle and high school administrative teams have been working purposefully with the school counselors to review your child’s academic standing and schedule for the 2020-21 school year.

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