Virtual Instruction

Virtual Instruction


Virtual instruction will continue for all students through May 29, our last scheduled day of the 2019-20 school year.

Graphic showing the remaining dates of the 2019-20 school year
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Log in to Google Classroom

All lessons and assignments will originate in Google Classroom. Students will have a classroom for each teacher. This includes special area teachers, GATE, and reading, math and special education teachers.

Google Classroom should be accessed directly from the Google Classroom app (iOS or Android) or a Google Chrome web browser.

Students will log into Google Classroom using their NHSD Google account. Every student has an NHSD Google account. A student's Google account is their NHSD network username followed by Their Google account password is their NHSD network password.
Hint: The NHSD network username and password is used by the student to log into computers at school. This information is also now available under the student's name in the parent/guardian's PowerSchool account. Unsure how to access PowerSchool? Fill out the form here.

Students will be invited to join a teacher's Google Classroom in one of two ways:

  1. Students will see the class listed in their Google Classroom dashboard and can click "Join."
  2. Students will be given a class code and can enter that code by clicking the "+" from their Google Classroom dashboard.

Students in grades 5-12 have already been using Google Classroom and are familiar with the procedures above.

Students and parents unfamiliar with Google Classroom should visit our video tutorials page for a series of videos about accessing and navigating Google Classroom.

Additional Tools

Access Zoom meetings and webinars

Zoom is a cloud-based service that offers meetings and webinars, and provides content sharing and video conferencing capability. Zoom works on an iPad, laptop or desktop. Teachers are not required to use Zoom but many will use the resource to hold live instruction, webinars and meet-ups, or post pre-recorded lessons. Students will be invited into Zoom by their teacher. No login is required although mobile users will need to download the app for iOS or Android.


Log in to ClassLink

ClassLink is a single sign-on portal giving students access to resources and programs they have already been using in school including ABCya!, First in Math and Keyboarding Without Tears. Students sign in to ClassLink using their NHSD network username and password. Google Chrome is the recommended browser if using ClassLink on a computer. ClassLink apps are also available for iOS and Android.

If using a mobile device, please download the ClassLink app as well as any other apps used by the student's teacher. On district iPads, these apps are available to download without an Apple ID from the Self Service app. The Self Service app is the district's version of the App Store.


Log in to Freckle (Elementary students only)

Freckle is an online tool for elementary-aged students that offers differentiated learning in reading, math, science and social studies. Students take a brief assessment on Freckle that allows them to participate in a learning path designed specifically for the learning level. All K-4 teachers will assign practice for students in Freckle to replace small group guided instruction that typically occurs in the classroom. Freckle is accesible by web browser. An app is also available for iOS. Please do not log into Freckle until your teacher invites you to do so and provides additional information.

Downloading apps on NHSD iPads

Self Service app on NHSD iPads

Self Service is an app installed on all district iPads. It is the district's version of the App Store and from it, you can install any of NHSD's approved apps. All of the apps above are available through Self Service if not already installed on the device. No Apple ID is needed. The App Store is not available on district iPads. Watch this video tutorial about Self Service.


Virtual Instruction FAQs


Students will be required to sign in for attendance on each virtual instruction day. Please click this link on each virtual instruction day. You must be logged in to the student's NHSD Google account to submit the attendance form.

Click here to confirm attendance on each virtual instruction day


During our COVID-19 closure, we are focused on learning, not on grading. While our curriculum remains our roadmap, teachers have been encouraged to focus on the most essential elements of the curriculum and select content and assignments that are conducive to an online learning environment. More information is available on our FAQs page.

Need technical assistance?

If you need technical support, please contact your student's teacher and he/she will reach out to the district's information technology team for assistance.

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