Superintendent Evaluation & Objective Performance Standards

Superintendent Evaluation & Objective Performance Standards

Per the Pennsylvania School Code: The Superintendent shall be the chief administrative officer and chief instructional officer of the North Hills Board of Education and North Hills School District, and shall be responsible for the execution of all actions of the Board, the administration and operation of the public school system subject to the policies of the Board, and the supervision of all matters pertaining to instruction in all the schools under the direction of the Board.

A North Hills School District superintendent will be evaluated on annual goals categorized into the following six categories: Organizational Leadership and Board Relations, Community Relations, Staff Relations, Educational Leadership, Student Growth & Achievement, District Operations & Financial Management and Personal Qualities.

Organizational Leadership and Board Relations

The superintendent keeps board members informed with consistent communication and invitations to attend or participate in district activities, ensures that materials for meetings are comprehensive and contain adequate background information and significant research when necessary, responds to board inquires to ensure understanding of topics by members, proactively determines district needs and policy priorities, encourages a climate of teamwork among administrators and board members, actively participates in establishing future goals and formulates strategies to attain them, accepts board input while seeking direction and responds quickly to input and suggestions.

Community Relations 

The superintendent projects a positive image and serves as an advocate for the district, seeks multi-faced communications and works to provide means and methods of contact for groups to communicate with the district, pursues community input, invites media members to school functions and includes media in event planning and preparation, seeks collaboration with business and industry representatives, remains visible and approachable to members of the North Hills community, attends events throughout the school year, prepares and shares detailed and accurate reports with the community and listens to stakeholders about their suggestions for the district.

Staff Relations

The superintendent establishes a system of keeping staff informed, proactively handles personnel matters, discusses and promotes personnel policies, exhibits sincere and genuine concern for staff and works diligently to ensure positive working conditions, creates professional development opportunities for staff to improve and gain new skills, recognizes staff members for their contributions, recruits the best staff members available and encourages them to join North Hills School District, seeks to improve the collective bargaining experience for various employee groups through mutual training, trust and sharing of information, promotes a team-orientated work environment with training provided to maximize the efficiency of team members and prioritizes visiting buildings and participating in classroom activities with students and staff.

Educational Leadership

The superintendent projects a strong, leadership image and welcomes and enjoys serving as the face of the district, demonstrates passion for the position and North Hills School District, demonstrates knowledge and comfort with current educational issues and communicates with others about issues facing the district, seeks to learn and improve upon personal and professional abilities, ranks student achievement as a top priority and consistently communicates this regard to others, bases and budgets decisions on improving student achievement, seeks best practices and facilities discussions with personnel to promote implementation of best practices, strives to understand student and parent needs and responds to meet those needs, believes in and facilitates development of long/short term goals for the district using current research and delivery models, supervises development of modern curriculum aligned with state and national requirements, targets staff development programs toward the specific needs of individual teachers and uses strategies to meet the personal and professional needs of district employees.

Student Growth & Achievement

The superintendent uses multiple data sources to assess student success and growth as appropriate specific to needs within the district and as determined annually in collaboration with North Hills Board of Education, articulates district performance objectives relative to achievement and growth on PDE-required assessments including, but not limited to, PSSA, PVAAS, Keystone Exams and other locally determined measures, implements strategies to improve student achievement that have been thoroughly researched and evaluated and provides information to stakeholders in regards to various achievements through a multitude of mediums.

District Operations & Financial Management

The superintendent ensures budget recommendations are timely and related to district goals, promotes appropriate financial controls including third-party audits and reconciliation of accounts, provides a constant flow of financial information along with board agenda action items detailing their impact on the budget, informs board about district funding and items which may impact the district’s budget, certifies a facilities management plan is in place in relation to current statuses of buildings and plans to secure funding for future improvements, seeks input from stakeholders and incorporates suggestions into the budget process and ensures resources are distributed fairly among buildings and programs, while seeking additional resources to supplement instruction.

Personal Qualities

The superintendent strives to be a well-respected professional in community circles, seeks constructive feedback to improve personally and professionally, models professional standards of both dress and behavior for students and staff, treats others respectfully and considerately with a pleasant and professional demeanor, maintains poise and composure in difficult situations while striving for win-win solutions, genuinely cares about the success of students and works to maximize student opportunities for success.

The Superintendent’s Annual Evaluation was conducted and approved by the North Hills School Board on June 1, 2023. Based on the position goals, Dr. Patrick J. Mannarino was rated as:


Highly Effective

85 - 100


  • Performance is clearly outstanding
  • Performance is superior, regularly exceeding expectations
  • Performance is exceptional on a regular or continuous basis – the superintendent far outperforms relative to minimum expectations



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