Secondary General Music

Secondary General Music

Classroom Music - Grades 7 to 12
Ms. Heidi Kohne, Mr. Matt Hickly, Mr. Tom Hartwell

General Music 6 - All 6th grade students enrolled in this course receive instruction in music 3 days/week from an elementary music specialist. Elementary music teachers work with the children to develop an appreciation of and an interest in music and to develop music-making skills through a variety of musical methods. All children participate in singing, movement, playing Orff instruments and unpitched instruments, and reading rhythmic and melodic notation.  

General Music 7 - General Music is designed to give students a hands-on learning experience and meets three days a week. Students will play many forms of drums, rattles and shakers in classroom world drumming. Students will learn to play six-string acoustic guitars in addition to reading treble clef notation, guitar tablature and chord diagrams. Students will watch musical theatre productions and listen to many genres of music. Students will analyze song lyrics and create their own lyrics.

Music Appreciation 8 - Music Appreciation is designed to provide experiences that heighten awareness and understanding of the art of music. Students will develop aural skills by listening to many forms of music. Students will play six-string acoustic guitars throughout this semester course. Students will read standard treble clef music notation in addition to guitar tablature and chord charts. Students will acquire proper right and left hand technique as we play notes and chords in first position. Musical concepts, such as theory and composition, will be introduced and reinforced via computer technology. This course is a semester course that is followed or preceded by a semester-long study hall.

Guitar Ensemble - Grades 9 to 12 - Guitar Ensemble is offered for the student that wants to improve their guitar playing ability. All skill levels are welcome. Musical selections ranging from Popular, Classical, Rock, Blues and Jazz will be presented. Students will have the opportunity to perform in individual, duet, trio, quartet and full ensemble format. After school rehearsals will be offered weekly, but attendance is not mandatory. Note: Students will be required to perform in one evening performance per semester as this will be their final exam. Students may elect this class for one semester or a full year.  

World Drumming Ensemble - This voluntary group meets during homeroom two days per week, learning various world drumming and percussion polyrhythms to perform at events throughout the year. The drumming ensemble has performed at the districtwide Arts Alive evening, middle school talent show and with the middle school choirs at several concerts. The world drumming ensemble is open to any middle school student with an interest in performing percussion music together.

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