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Ms. Tiangco

Students in grades K-6 receive music instruction once per week for 40 minutes in Music Room 110 with Ms. Tiangco. During the class there are many opportunities for singing, playing instruments, moving to music, and reading music. Many of the approaches used to teach vocal music in the classroom focus on EXPERIENCING music, not just listening to it.

Through the study of folk songs and dances, your child will learn to become:

1. TUNEFUL – by singing songs and listening critically to music, children learn that music has melodic and harmonic elements.

2. BEATFUL – by playing instruments and dancing to music, children learn that music has a pulse that can change depending on the style.

3. ARTFUL – by moving and listening to music, children discover that different pieces can create emotional and expressive responses.

Primary Grades

Children in grades K-3 spend a great deal of time learning to use their singing voices, to distinguish high and low, slow and fast, beat groups of 2, 3, and 4, and to move appropriately to music. Emphasis is placed on focusing the listening ear to identify similarities and differences in music. Much of the way primary students learn in the vocal music classroom is through singing games and folk songs. 3rd graders begin reading musical notation, and applying their new ability by learning to play the recorder. Our Kindergarten classes put on 2 evening performances, a winter concert of favorite holiday songs and “A-Z Does It,” their demonstration of literacy skills showcasing the letters of the alphabet. First grade puts on a musical play each year in the spring as well, that usually tells a story.

Intermediate Grades

Students in grades 4-6 continue their study of musical notation with the recorder, learning more complicated songs, performing for each other and sometimes for families at events like Open House. Our 4th grade students have the opportunity to perform a musical in the spring and 5th graders spend time during Jazz Appreciation month researching famous jazz composers in the library and sharing their findings with each other. Intermediate students also study more about musical style by studying music from various time periods and parts of the world, by singing in more than one part, by dancing folk and contra dances, and through the use of barred Orff instruments (xylophones and metallaphones), choir chimes, hand drums, & small percussion instruments. 6th grade students spend time learning about world drumming as well as sharing their own personal music in our “Current Events in Music” project.

Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra Trips

As part of our district’s curriculum, students in grades 2, 4, and 6 are given the opportunity to “meet the orchestra” during a field trip to Heinz Hall in downtown Pittsburgh. The Pittsburgh Symphony sponsors a series of SchoolTime Concerts, which focus on introducing the various instruments and instrument families, some of the players, and a wide range of musical styles that are appealing to all. This is a great cultural experience for our students, one which they will remember for years to come, and that may ignite a love for music they previously may not have realized they had. There is no substitute for live performance - we encourage you to provide as many opportunities as possible to expose your child to musical and artistic performances.

For more information on the West View Vocal Music program, please contact Ms. Tiangco via e-mail at

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