Gifted Education

Gifted Education

Gifted Education

The curricular framework for meeting the wide range of gifted needs and abilities include these essentials:

  • Affective skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Communication skills
  • Creative thinking skills
  • Decision making skills
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Logical thinking skills
  • Organization and management skills
  • Research and independent study skills
  • Specific content and career exploration

Elementary Program

The elementary gifted support program provides opportunities to enhance the student's individual strengths and interests with specially designed activities and enrichment experiences. In the support program the students meet weekly where hands-on activities, research, independent projects, field trips, academic and creative competitions and higher-level thinking skills are developed to meet identified individual needs. The elementary gifted student's needs are also addressed in the regular classroom.

Middle School Program

The middle school gifted program is designed to enhance the gifted student's individual needs throughout the entire school day. Student needs in the regular education program are met through the use of advanced questioning techniques, curriculum compacting, independent study, and/or differentiated outcomes and products.

The gifted support program, which supplements the regular class program, works to enhance the skills the student needs to be a successful learner. Problem solving skills, critical thinking activities, and independent-study skills are among the many support strands offered that are transferable for use by the student to enhance learning and performance across a variety of structures.

Students have the opportunity to participate in enrichment workshops, seminars, contests, and competitions based on their individual strengths and needs. In addition, gifted students complete enrichment experiences through pull-out GATE classes, where they can collaborate with other gifted peers.

High School Program

The high school program is designed to offer the gifted student the opportunity to continue to develop, excel at, and apply their individual skills and talents. Each student's identified needs determine the level of intervention which may range from regular educational support and differentiation, honors and advanced placement classes, to workshops, competitions, shadow studies, mentoring partnerships, and independent studies and projects.

The high school gifted student may choose to participate in a limited manner outside of the classroom, through regular education, honors, advanced placement and college in high school classes. Where appropriate, the gifted facilitator will work with the classroom teacher to differentiate the curriculum. These students may receive differentiation and participate in activities the classroom cannot offer.

The main goal of the high school gifted program is to encourage the gifted students to challenge themselves and become self-motivated learners. It is also our desire that gifted students become producers of information and performers of artistic feats and services to society.

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