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First in Math

First in Math is an educational website that supports student mastery of mathematical skills. The activities within First in Math enable students additional practice opportunities to increase their computation skills, critical thinking and problem solving strategies and strengthen their overall math knowledge. Teachers may use components of First in Math with their math instruction and students are encouraged to log onto First in math outside of school. Just like daily independent reading, 10 - 15 minutes on First in Math can boost student confidence, understanding, and success in mathematics.

Students participate on teams with other students from their classroom. Each team can compete against other teams at their school, along with other teams across the district, state and nation.

First in Math works best when using Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Safari web browsers. Many of the components of First in Math are also compatible with Apple devices. Access First in Math through Safari would your Apple device.

There are several modules within First in Math including:

  • Skill Sets - Skills Sets are designed as a pathway to procedural fluency for students. Students build equations from single-step addition to multi-step algebra.
  • Practice Gyms - Practice Gyms allow students to build fact fluency with whole numbers, fractions, decimals and integers.
  • Just the Facts - Just the Facts includes pre/post tests to measure and monitor fact fluency.
  • What Do You Know - What Do You Know provide pre/post tests to measure student comprehension of word problems.
  • Know & Show - Know & Show provides practice targeted to specific math domains in word problem format.
  • Measurement World - Measurement World provides students access to activities to practice and master concepts related to time, money, perimeter and area, and length, weight and volume.
  • K - 2 World - K - 2 World provides introduction and guided practice of concepts and encourage student learning. Most games require little or no reading.
  • Bonus Games - Students will also have access to Bonus Games that reinforce concepts and skills found throughout First in Math but extend ideas in a new way. Students will gain access to more and more Bonus Games as they earn additional stickers within First in Math.
  • Family Link - Once a student 500 stickers, they will unlock an additional log in or Family link that can be used by a sibling or parent. This is another great motivator for students to see family members engaged in the same program that they are using!

If you have any additional questions about First in Math or are experiencing difficulty with your student's login, please contact your child's teacher.

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