Flexible Instructional Day Program

Flexible Instructional Day Program

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North Hills School District participates in the Pennsylvania Department of Education's Flexible Instructional Day Program.

Up to five (5) Flexible Instructional Days, or FIDs, may be used each school year in the event of inclement weather or a building emergency.

If a FID is called, the change will be communicated through our normal means including phone call, text message and email, posted on our website and social media, and shared by local TV stations KDKA, WPXI and WTAE.

All teaching and learning on an FID will be asynchronous through Google Classroom. Students will be required to confirm attendance and all work and assignments should be completed on the day of the FID and submitted as instructed by their teacher(s).

If you need special accommodations or an extenuating circumstance arises, contact your child’s teacher(s). Students who are absent on a FID will be required to make up missed work as assigned.

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