Elementary Virtual Learning FAQs

Elementary Virtual Learning FAQs

Grades K-5 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Virtual Learning at North Hills?
A: Students in grade K-5 will participate in a virtual asynchronous program provided by Pearson Connexus. While the curriculum is based on the same Pennsylvania standards that North Hills School District uses, the materials used will be different from what a student attending in-person would use. The classes will be facilitated by a North Hills School District teacher.

Q: Can you elaborate on the attendance policy and explain what is expected?
A: Students who attend virtual learning courses are expected to log in, participate in lessons and complete assignments on school days just as they would if they attend the district’s in-person instruction.

Q: Will students in the virtual learning program follow the same calendar as the North Hills School District?
A: Yes.

Q: Will virtual learning students also receive a district iPad?
A: Yes.

Q: Will the district iPads given to virtual learning students have the same apps as the iPads given to in-person students?
A: Standard apps such as Google Suite and all other class specific apps will be provided as needed for instructional purposes.

Q: How can I enroll my grade K-5 student?
A: Please enroll using this link.

Q: What courses may my student take?
A: Elementary students may only take core courses. English, Math, Science, and Social Studies, virtually.

Q: Will elementary specials be available as virtual learning courses next year?
A: No, only core courses. Students who wish to participate in specials must attend in-person.

Q: Can my student enroll part-time in virtual courses and part-time in person?
A: Yes. However, parents will be responsible for transportation to and from school as dependent upon the school schedule.

Q: Who teaches the virtual learning courses?
A: Asynchronous courses for grades K-5 will be facilitated by North Hills School District teachers using curriculum from Pearson Connexus.

Q: Describe a typical day for a student enrolled in virtual learning classes?
A: Virtual learning courses are designed to provide some flexibility for students as all students learn differently in a structured format. However, students are expected to log in daily to participate in course work. Students will receive asynchronous instruction. Students should anticipate several hours of virtual courses dependent upon the grade level. Virtual teachers will also provide students with more specifics as it relates to their class once the class begins.

Q: Is there flexibility if my student cannot complete all of the assigned lessons as per the course calendar?
A: Please contact your student’s teacher as soon as pacing becomes a problem so that adjustments can be made.

Q: My student has an individualized education plan. How will their accommodations be met in virtual learning courses?
A: The accommodations included in the student’s individualized education plan will be considered and met, where possible, in the online program. IEP teams will reconvene to revise SDIs to determine which are appropriate and applicable for online instruction.

Q: How will my student be assigned to a classroom if it is necessary to return to in-person instruction from virtual learning?
A: Students returning to in-person instruction will be placed where there is room as per the district’s class size policy. It is rare but possible that the policy will require a student to be assigned to a classroom that is different from a previously assigned classroom (if applicable) or attend a school outside their attendance area.

Q: How can I track my students progress?
A: Each student is assigned an Observer account. This will allow you as a parent to view their grades, upcoming assignments, as well as course progress. 

Q: What do I do if my iPad isn't working (won't turn on or hold a charge)?
A: Please contact our IT department here.

Q: What do I do if a link is not working in one of my Pearson Connexus courses?
A: Contact Pearson Connexus support by calling 844-597-3224.
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