Grades 1-5

Grades 1-5

Elementary Grade-Level Goals

The following is a listing of the many skills and concepts students in the North Hills School District will learn at each academic level. It does not list everything that they are taught, nor all the learning opportunities open to them. Rather, each section indicates some of the skills most of the students will have mastered by the time they have successfully completed the school year. Many children will learn to do these things earlier; others, later.

It should be noted that although the skills and concepts are listed in separate subject areas, they are taught in conjunction with one another so students can see the relationships among the various subjects. Also, many of the skills mentioned at each grade level are practiced and improved upon throughout several grades.

In addition to the skills and concepts listed for each grade level, all elementary school students have the opportunity to participate in various enrichment programs and activities. These may include the following: academic games, field trips, assemblies, intramurals, special interest clubs, student governments and student newspapers.

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