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Throughout the 2017-18 school year, we're going to be sharing details of a few of the hundreds of #NHCourses we offer to our students in order to prepare them for success! Check back for information about courses we offer at the high school, middle school and elementary levels.
Elementary Vocal Music

Elementary students in Grades K-6 receive vocal music instruction as part of our elementary buildings’ six-day cycle from teachers Valerie Mannino, Rie Lauver and Lisa Marcellus. Overall, students focus on singing, playing instruments, reading and notating music and showing knowledge of classroom content. Every grade-level sees different and increasingly complex goals as students progress through their elementary careers. For example, the first-grade students showcased in the video below will demonstrate an understanding of beat maintenance and rhythm through movement, playing of classroom instruments and responding to age appropriate musical selections, participate in group and individual singing activities to enhance the development of their singing voice and differentiate between the concept of beat and rhythm. Many of these components are showcased in their “Sound Songs” highlighted in the video. For more information on the elementary vocal music curriculum, click here.

Introduction to Sustainable Engineering 

The new Introduction to Sustainable Engineering at North Hills Middle School course provides our Grade 8 students with an overview of a variety of engineering disciplines with an emphasis on sustainable engineering practices. The course focuses on real-world problems and solutions in a project-based learning environment as students design, construct and test multiple prototypes to address assigned issues. In the photos below, students built a wind turbine using a kit and tested its output metrics. Students then worked together to research and create a more effective and efficient blade design. Students designed their blades in AutoCAD, uploaded their designs into Adobe Illustrator and used a laser engraver to cut out their custom blades. After outfitting their wind turbines with the new blades, each student group tested the output and efficiency for their blade design versus the previous design. Lisa Kahle teaches Introduction to Sustainable Engineering. Courses like this provide our students with opportunities for early exploration of in-demand career fields such as engineering, sustainability and computer science fields.


Principles of Biomedical Science 
Principles of Biomedical Science at North Hills High School follows the mysterious death of Anna Garcia (a fictitious person). While investigating Anna’s death, students will play the role of various professionals within the inter-related biomedical sciences field. They will examine autopsy reports, investigate her medical history and explore medical treatments that might have prolonged her life. The course’s activities and projects introduce students to human physiology, basic biology, medicine and research processes while allowing them to design their own experiments to solve problems. The course is taught by Jen DiPasquale and created by PLTW - Project Lead The Way.
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