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7th Grade Curriculum

7th Grade Curriculum

English/Language Arts

English 7
1 credit

English 7 utilizes a thematically based study of short stories, poetry, and nonfiction selections to introduce students to the analysis of literature. Students also read two major literary works during the year. Using the writing process, students reflect on literature to develop essays in the informative and persuasive modes. Previously taught language and grammar skills are reviewed, and new skills are introduced. In addition, the course reinforces the skills identified in the Pennsylvania Academic Standards for Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening, preparing the students to achieve Proficient to Advanced performance scores on the 7th grade PSSA Reading Assessment and 8th grade PSSA Writing Assessment.

Literacy Arts 7
1 credit

Literacy Arts 7 is designed to refine students’ reading and study skills strategies through the use of thinking processes related to reading literature, content area texts, and reference documents. Speaking , listening and writing activities are integrated into the program.


Math 7
1 credit

Math 7 is differentiated instruction mathematics program. In this course students are introduced to the concepts of patterns, data, algebra, integers, graphs, percent, communication skills, problem solving, rational numbers and number theory. Cooperative groups, small enrichment and remediation teams, and whole group instruction methods will be used.

1 credit

Pre-Algebra is geared to the student who has high math ability and thrives in a challenging intensified math environment. This is an accelerated math curriculum which will include the topics of data analysis, integers, communication skills, algebra, geometry, percent, ratio and proportion. Calculators and computer activities will be included.

Prerequisite: Students are enrolled into this course using collaborative discourse, local assessment scores, state examination data, and elementary grades.

Algebra I
1 credit

Algebra 1 is the first course of the Algebra 1 - Geometry - Algebra 2 sequence. Concepts taught in this course include topics from algebra, statistics, probability, and logical reasoning. A graphics calculator will be used during problem solving activities.

Prerequisite: Students must have successfully completed advance elementary mathematics.


Science 7
1 credit

Science 7 focuses on preparing students to be scientifically literate in the areas of: (1) Cells and Heredity, (2) Introduction to Matter and Interactions of Matter, and (3) Forces and Motion. This course is designed to prepare students to master the content and skills assessed on the 8th grade PSSA Science assessment.

Social Studies

Social Studies 7
1 credit

This course is a comprehensive approach to all areas of a social studies curriculum as mandated by Pennsylvania standards. The course contains geography, history, economics and government components and also will place a major emphasis on critical thinking skills. The course is designed to provide students with introductory knowledge and skills within the social studies curriculum, which will allow for mastery of content in subsequent courses.

Computer Technology

Computer Applications 7
.5 credit

Students will learn touch keyboard with eight fingers and without looking. Course emphasis is on word processing, slideshow presentations, and using the Internet as an educational tool using Microsoft Office software. Additionally, students will begin an electronic career portfolio using on-line resources for career interest assessments and exploration. They will also learn to develop and properly format beginning employment documentation. This course will help students experience the value of computer applications and document formatting in the classroom and help support academic courses that integrate computer applications.

Physical Education

Physical Education 7
.5 credit

This online physical education course focuses on the knowledge and skills needed to develop a plan for lifelong fitness. The student will be participating in activities both online and offline. Through examination of the components of fitness, the student will assess his current level of fitness and create and implement a program for improvement. The benefits of physical activity, fitness principles, and safety issues will also be addressed.

Art and Music

Discovering Music
.25 credit

This course is designed for beginning musicians with little or no background in music or keyboard-playing. Music is a very hands-on, interactive subject area. Discovering Music will incorporate the performance aspects of music and a basic understanding of music theory. Students will use the keyboard to learn fun, creative songs with the use of Internet and interactive web pages. Beginning music concepts such as note names and note values will be discussed.

Discovering Digital Drawing
.25 credit

Discovering Digital Drawing is an experimentation course for students interested in digital media. Drawing is the process of making art with lines - but in this course, pencils and markers will be put away. Instead, the digital counterparts to these traditional tools will be explored. This is an interactive course that assists students in creating dynamic compositions with just the click of a mouse and stroke of the stylus. Students will learn to sharpen observation skills, communicate ideas, and express feelings while learning the language of Photoshop Elements. Rules of composition, the elements of art and principles of design, tricks that artists use to organize artwork, and virtual tours to museums and artists' studios are included in this course.
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