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West View Puzzle-lympics

Students in grades 4, 5, and 6 schemed, connived, and muscled their way through a pentathlon of puzzles in this five-day festival of problem-solving. The five events are adaptations of popular puzzles and school activities.

Big Toe is a super-sized version of tic-tac-toe designed for 3-5 players using an entire sheet of graph paper.

Two-Part Strangies combines elements of Mad-Libs with Venn diagrams to form wacky word associations.

Protractor Treasure Hunt competitors track down a mystery object using angle and segment length clues.

Cracker competitors race against the clock to break large composite numbers into prime factors.

Krazy Kubes has the contestants assemble increasingly difficult designs with groups of blocks.

Next year, students from all 7 North Hills Elementary Schools will compete!

Junior Achievement

Volunteers from the organization taught economics lessons to students in grades K and 1. We hope to phase in a new grade each year.

Hero Of The Week

Every week, West View Elementary honored a distinguished world citizen. Some of our honorees were Thurgood Marshall, Corazon Aquino, John Glenn, Jane Goodall, and Elie Wiesel.

To encourage participation, we held a contest in which students identified the week’s hero in exchange for cheap and shabby prizes.
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